book_sale.jpgThe quote “The test of real literature is that it will bare repetition. We read over the same pages again and again always with fresh delight,” is referring to how a reader enjoys a literary work. If it is able to give the reader new enjoyment each time it is then it passes the test.
If something is well written it will captivate the reader each time they pick it up no matter how many times it has been read before. This enjoyment may result from a story, plot, or topic that intrigues the reader. It may also come from the ability to realize and discover new things while reading. If someone can interpret a work differently by using personal experiences it will have new meaning each time it is read, making the literature timeless. If the work is complex in plot or structure the reader can be delighted by new connections found when reading the work over again.
A story may also bare repetition if it is able to be read for years and years and still hold meaning or significant for the readers. If the story loses meaning or importance over time it doesn’t pass what is being considered the test of literature.
In order for a work of literature to bare repetition it must allow the reader to reach new discoveries or conclusions each time it is read or maintain significants. However, in the case of a favorite book it may simply draw the reader in to a story or idea they enjoy.