MM-Logo.gifMilo Minderbinder in Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is a satirization of the American dream and the modern business man. Milo is the mess hall officer in the U.S Army Air Corps who appears to be both brilliant and insane.

He becomes obsessed with expanding mess operations and trading goods for the profit of the syndicate. Milo claims everyone has a share of the syndicate which he name M&M Enterprise. The M’s are his initials and the “&” symbol is so that no one suspects the syndicate is a one man operation.

He is the representation of capitalism in which he has no allegiance to any country or principles. In capitalism all the means of production are owned privately and all decisions regarding supply and demand are made through the free market. Milo bombs his own squadron and organizes anti-aircraft fire against them when he has a contract with the Germans and then goes back and runs the mess hall in his squadron. This action seems just as arbitrary and ambitious as Colonel Cathcart volunteering his men for more missions. Milo argument, unlike Cathcart’s seems rational since Milo is guaranteed to have a profit, while Cathcart as no real prospect of becoming a general. His willingness to bomb his own camp shows his disregard for the sides drawn by war. The fact that men is his squadron accept that Milo was paid to bomb their camp as a legitimate excuse shows that Milo is not the only person who values profit highly and has no loyalty to the war.