SailingShip.jpg‘No doubt it must be here that all is well. For you have to admit there is reason to blench at some of what goes on in our world, whether physically or morally… all will be well… the sea of the New World is already superior to our European seas; it is calmer, its trade is more constant. No doubt about it, the New World is the best of all possible worlds’ –‘God willing!’ said Cunegonde. ‘But I have been so horribly unhappy in my world so far, that my heart is almost sealed against hope’” (24).
Candide and Cunegonde are sailing to the Americas and there are hopeful that it will be better than the land they have just left. Candide once openly believed that the world he lived in was the best, and everything that happened for the best, now that he has experienced some of the world on his own he realizes this is not true. Now however, he is hoping that the New World will be the best of all worlds and that Pangloss had just been mistaken in calling the old world as such.
Voltaire is pointing out the philosophical idea of optimism as many flaws because society its self is flawed. So many terrible and violent things happened such as murder, rape, and meaningless wars without gain on either side, that god cannot possibly have the best interest of the world in mind. There is too much suffering for optimism to exist.