11954371911716261963red_cross_joshua_dwire_02_svg_med.pngLike Yossarian, Dunbar’s ultimate goal is to prolong his life by whatever means he is able. He firmly believes however, that being bored and uncomfortable makes one live longer physically: “Dunbar is working hard at increasing his life span…by cultivating boredom” (17). “Dunbar was lying motionless on his back again with his eyes staring at the ceiling like a doll’s. He was working so hard at increasing his life span that Yossarian thought he was dead” (9). Yossarian on the other hand believes that everyone is trying to kill him, and his way of prolonging life is to stay out of as many combat missions as possible and eventually be sent home. Yossarian and Dunbar are good friends because they have similar personalities and they are the only two who seem to be aware of the true horror of the war going on.
Yossarian and Dunbar often retreat into the hospital at the same time to avoid flying missions. Yossarian finds less invasive ways of remaining in the hospital such as complaining of liver pain and he always had a temperature of 101 (1). Dunbar however, has to keep injuring himself just so he can stay: “…Dunbar, who had to keep falling down on his face in order to get his meals brought to him in bed” (1). When the soldier in white “reappears” Dunbar loses his mind and is “disappeared” in order to preserve the morale of the squadron.