BriefingTime2006.jpg In dark humor, topics that are usually considered taboo are treated in a satirical or comical way while still retaining their seriousness. The intent of dark humor is so that the reader experience both laughter and discomfort simultaneously.
An example of dark humor is Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is the satirization of military leaders. Yossarian is convinced that everyone is trying to kill him personally. He believes that the enemy is anyone who will get him killed no matter which side he is on. For this reason Yossarian considered Colonel Cathcart his enemy. Colonel Cathcart, like many of the other generals, is promoted for little or no reason and has no concern for the well being of the soldiers. When sending Yossarian and the other bombardiers on their various missions, he is unconcerned about their safety or whether they hit the target or not; his main concern is that they form a tight bomb pattern, so, that they ensure good aerial photos. The serious nature of noble military leaders and war is mocked through the characterization of the generals.